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Mars Red Spectrum Tie-Dye Merino Socks
Mars Red Spectrum Tie-Dye Merino Socks

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Mars Red Spectrum Tie-Dye Merino Socks

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Due to the nature of an authentic two-stage dyeing process, no pair of Spectrum Tie-Dye Merino Socks is the same. Natural variations in patterns and colours make these socks truly unique, so you can style and complete any outfit. Constructed from a special blend of merino and nylon, you get the perfect balance of insulation, moisture-wicking and natural antibacterial properties, perfect for keeping your feet warm, fresh and dry in challenging conditions. The compressive arch band ensures a smooth fit, keeping the sock in place, whilst the jacquard knit cuff provides a secure hold against the leg.

Made from 69% Merino, 29% nylon, 2% lycra. / Due to the dyeing process, the socks look and feel smaller when they come straight out of the packaging, but this will ease with time and washing.

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